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28 July 1981
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Welcome to the Concept Galaxy Live Journal Community!

What is Concept Galaxy?

We are a Creative Team of artists, writers, actors, and promotion specialists that help design and theme interactive events for conventions, trade shows, charity fund raisers, parties, or other similar gatherings. If you have a dream theme for your event we can help you build it! Feel free to contact us here on myspace or through our official website at http://www.conceptgalaxy.com

What are you here for if you already have an official site? I don't want any spam!

No. This is a real journal run by the Concept Galaxy Creative Team. We want to be able to provide yet another means of communication for cosplayers who prefer to ask questions and stay updated about things through Live Journal. There are a lot of cosplay communities here and special interests groups, who may find particular characters were casting for in shows of interest to them. This will also be a good way for cosplayers who get cast in Concept Galaxy shows to stay in touch with their cast members and other cosplayers who like to perform, wether it be as an actor, singer, dancer, musician, character impersonator, mascot character, you name it. That's what we're here for. To find talented cosplayers, wherever they may be, and help them shine!

So your a production company? What if I like to do behind the scenes stuff... like light and sound?

Then we'd LOVE to meet you as well. We have a lot of respect for techs and we could always use extra helping hands. If your looking for pro bono work for your portfolio to "pay your dues" then leave us a comment or shoot us an e-mail at Heather@conceptgalaxy.com listing any experience you've had as a stage hand, sound, lighting, ect. and what area you live in so that we can keep you on file for consideration for future events in your area. We're also always pleased to meet photographers, videographers, and video editors as well. If you send in a sample of your work to Steph@conceptgalaxy.com we just might be able to get you into a con for free as press, even if you don't have a website or any professional experience. All you need is talent at what you do and a desire and ability to take direction and learn.